Alabama Psychiatry

About Us

Alabama Psychiatry, a division of River Region Psychiatry Associates, which also operates Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee Psychiatry, was founded by Dr. Shankar Yalamanchili (Dr. Chili) in 2008. Founded in Montgomery AL, Alabama Psychiatry operates 12 outpatient clinics in the state of Alabama with more on the way. Our team of Psychiatrist, Psychologists (Ph.D.’s), Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners (CRNP’s), Licensed Clinic Social Workers (LICSW’s), Licensed Professional Counselors and office staff, tend to the needs of our patients both in clinic and in one of 30+ hospitals and facilities across 7 states. Since the foundation of his practice, Dr. Chili’s vision has been to improve access to mental health care to those who need it most, when they need it most. Dr. Chili believes in the power of the mind-body connection, and that our mental health impacts our whole wellbeing. Because of this belief, Alabama Psychiatry’s mental health services have expanded to include outpatient offices, hospitals, and mental health centers in cities across the state of Alabama. We embrace the diversity of each community that we are a part of and seek to serve each patient as a whole person, not just treating symptoms.

Each individual person requires his or her own individual treatment. Our team of professionals work together to provide you with an individualized treatment plan. This can include medication management, therapy services (individual, family, and/or group therapy), and psychological assessments. Our services and treatment plans ensure that each patient is equipped with the tools they need to work towards emotional wellness.

Good mental health is the center of a healthy life. Alabama Psychiatry’s mission is to provide the tools one may need to achieve emotional wellness. We wish to ensure that each person seeking to improve their mental health have access to the care they need and deserve.

Nursing Homes

As we age, the cognitive function of our brain tends to slow, and our motor skills lack the sharpness they once had. Many families who have aging loved ones, do not have the time, resources or the skill set needed to provide proper care for them at home. Nursing homes provide a supportive safe place for your loved one to be cared for and receive the daily help and attention that they need.   Alabama Psychiatry offers contracted psychiatric services to several nursing homes and their residents across the state of Alabama. This service allows nursing home residents to remain in a homelike setting and have access to needed mental health care.

Community Mental Health Centers

Alabama Psychiatry contracts with community health and mental centers to provide a variety of services to patients in under-served communities. We are currently providing outpatient services as well as managing the day programs and crisis units. Our providers are currently contracted with the following community mental health centers: