Alabama Psychiatry

Dr. Jayakrishna Madabushi, MD

Dr. Jayakrishna Madbushi is a board-certified Psychiatrist in three different countries. In his current practice, he takes care of in-patients, conducts out-patient clinics, telemedicine, and nursing home visits. He employs various treatment modalities including Psychopharmacology, ECT, and Psychotherapy. He practiced in three countries (India, UK, and the USA) which gives him an edge in bringing in wide experiences from various systems into the treatment regimen.

Prior to working in this practice, he has worked in the UK as a consulting psychiatrist in NHS and in India as a consulting physician.  During this time, he worked in various specialties including Adult Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, Organic Psychiatry, and Substance Abuse.

He is extensively involved in research and has numerous publications in various renowned international journals. His area of research interest is  Psychopharmacology and also in Psychotherapy. He conducted various workshops and symposiums relating to complex mental health concepts in conferences within the country and abroad.

Dr.Madabushi has an empathetic approach while dealing with his geriatric patients, and always poses this question to himself: “If the patient is my own mother/father or grandparent, how will I treat them?” This outlook helps him give the necessary support to the patient and their family members. Dr. Madabushi always feels excited and happy when his dementia patient calls him with his name since that experience feels as pure as a baby saying a name for the first time.

Dr. Madabushi is an avid music fan with an interest in Indian classical music and plays an Indian classical musical instrument; the Veena.  He is very involved in activities relating to community health and also interested in organizing cultural events and activities.